3D Regional Geological Model of the Cuvette

A 3D geological model of the basement of the Cuvette Basin was built based on satellite gravimetric data and gradiometry maps,  geological maps and a gravimetric inversion work performed by CARSON on a high resolution gravimetric survey it acquired in 1993 in the Republic of Congo.

A full report (in french) compiled by EOSYS and the Database Team of SNPC is available  here upon request.

- Basement Construction

This work indicates the presence several depositionnal centers with sediment thicknesses up to 8000m deposited over a basement made of denser  material probably of magmatic origin.

- Sedimentary Fill of the Basins

A regional bibliographical analysis coupled with an re-examination of the NGoki seismic sections along with the seismic sections acquired in the Republic of Congo (ROC) shows the presence of a carbonate shelf formation over a continental scale: the “Schisto CalcaireSubGroup of Neoproterozoic age with a thickness up to 1000m

Re-analysis of ROC and NGoki seismic along with recent fieldwork has allowed to gain confidence in the determination of seismic markers as well as to find depositional laws within the precambrian sequence that can be applied to calculate a depositional model within the basins identified by gravity surveys

3D Modeling of Republic of Congo part of Cuvette

This model is based on:

  • Geomorphological processing of digital terrain model derived from satellite imagery
  • Geological maps and surface information available
  • Basement depth maps obtained by inversion of gravity and magnetic data
  • Seismic data interpretations

- Mapping the base of the « Schisto-Calcaire » (Upper Proterozoic)

- Mapping the base of the Cenozoic

- Basins with possible presence of the «Schisto-Calcaire» Subgroup